BBWLA Returns!

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Basketball Wives LA Returns with a vengeance!! The showdown between Tami and Evelyn heat up but then here comes whacky a$$ Jackie Christie with her wanna have issues with Evelyn as well.

Shaunie is happy to have Evelyn back, I think Malaysia and Brandi have given her a run for her money, she has tried several time to fire Brandi but VH1 executives like her for whatever reason. I don’t care for Brandi like I did before, the fame has gotten to her head and she believes she is invincible. By VH1 not firing her when she disrespected Shaunie, she feels she has the upper hand and that isn’t a good look for Shaunie or the executives.

But I digress, Shaunie meets up with Evelyn at “The Real,” where she is guest hosting for the week and they get a chance to catch up. Shaunie informs Evelyn that Tami is in town and she’s having a 70’s themed birthday party and she wants her to come. Evelyn is excited but she doesn’t really want to meet up with Tami, she has been talking real slick to the blogs and doing interviews and saying negative things about Tami and she isn’t ready to face her.

Tami thought she and Evelyn were good until she started hearing the rumors, she tried to contact Evelyn but she never returned her call. Evelyn is supposed to be this changed person but how can she be a changed person when she is doing the same sh$t? Tami let it go when she found out Evelyn dated her husband while they were separated, he was still married and not legally divorced, she is repeating the same steps with Carl Crawford who is still married.

Tami meets up with whacky Jackie who has an issue with Evelyn. Evelyn saw the go-fund me account from Jackie’s daughter Ta’kari asking for money to help with her son who was burned in a daycare incident. Evelyn paid the entire go-fund account and Jackie felt Evelyn was in her families business, Jackie is whacky for a reason, she knows she didn’t have a good relationship with that daughter and to see her running around like a chicken with its neck cut off for Chanel who is pregnant is just weird. So, she claimed she had a bone to pick with Evelyn and she talked mad sh$t about Evelyn to Tami.

The day of the party, Jackie approaches Evelyn about the situation, after she explains, she back pedals. This is why I don’t f$ck with her crazy a$$, she’s bi-polar and she needs her damn meds. But Tami wasn’t going to be that easy, when Evelyn tried to hug her, she pushed her a way. They sat down and had a discussion about why their friendship fizzled out but it was to no avail. Evelyn pretended like she didn’t know Tami and her now ex-husband Kenny Anderson were married.