BBWLA Recap!!

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Basketball Wives LA Recap!! Again, everything is all about whacky Jackie, I don’t know where Doug is, maybe he ran away, it can’t be easy married to a woman who has 1000 personalities. Something really is wrong with Jackie Christie and her family needs to get her some professional help but she is hilarious. This show wouldn’t be a hit without her and her 1000 personalities.

Jackie is still feeling some sort of way about Tami and Evelyn making up, she feels for whatever reason she should have been with them at the ponderosa, what the f$ck is she talking about? Sometimes people really have to stop drinking liquor, its obvious that it has affected her brain. Jackie demanded a meeting with Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn, she feels like she isn’t part of the “in crowd,” since Tami and Evelyn decided to mature as ladies and let that petty beef go.

They all decide to meet at a restaurant, Jackie immediately gets rid of the silverware, these ladies are known to pick up glasses, plates, etc. to keep get there point across and I guess Jackie was being pro-active. Shaunie couldn’t hold back her laughs, the sh$t was hilarious and Jackie was oh so serious and you know she doesn’t like it when she feels that a person is laughing at her and not with her. She automatically thinks she is going to fight Evelyn and Tami when they arrive at the restaurant, but when has she ever tried to fight them? Never, she was drunk as a skunk when they showed up together, that really madw her feel crazy as f$ck, they were just fighting two days ago.

Tami explains to whacky Jackie that when she brought her name up with Evelyn, it seemed as if she was starting sh$t and that wasn’t the case which Jackie was aware of, but Jackie is messy and she loves to stir the pot. She wanted the beef between Evelyn and Tami to continue, she felt like she was important and both ladies were seeking her advice and input on the situation when that was further from the truth.

But, they all sat and had a nice lunch until Jackie pulled out a damn mask. The entire table was rolling, she made my stomach hurt but you can’t help but to either love Jackie or hate Jackie. She definitely makes this show work with all of her antics.

Evelyn meets up with Christen and the two decide to take a walk together. Evelyn says she likes Cristen and they seem to have a lot in common, I’m so sure about that, I mean Evelyn has f$cked her way through 3 players association and Cristen is still with her ex-NBA baller boo waiting on an engagement ring. What the two have in common, Cristen suffered a miscarriage not too long ago and Evelyn has suffered, I think three miscarriages, so they have something in common.

Evelyn doesn’t like the way that Cristen dresses, she looks real homey and she does but if that’s what she likes and what her man likes, who is Evelyn to judge? Evelyn brings the subject up when they all meet up for drinks, where Malaysia finally makes an appearance. The ladies decide to take a trip to Palm Springs and that’s when Evelyn brings up the make over and how she feels Cristen needs one. She has a lot of nerve, she just got back in the cut and throwing major shade to the newbie. Jackie of course has an issue with that and she tells Evelyn that Cristen may not like that. Evelyn sees nothing wrong with getting her a make over in Palm Springs.

The ladies have made it to Palm Springs where they are just relaxing and getting to know each other when Evelyn reveals her plans to give Cristen a makeover, she feels insecure about her body weight, she just suffered a miscarriage, the weight has fallen off and Evelyn knows that. Cristen feels alienated and walks away, Evelyn doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong but we will have to wait and see how this turns out next week.