BBWLA Newbies Elena Vs Keonna!!

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Basketball Wives LA the newbies are staking their claims to a permanent spot on the hit reality show. Who is Elena Ahanzdeh? Apparently she is single and ready to mingle.

Word on the street, this beauty has dated more than enough ballers to start her own team. She has a semi sort of past with one of the Basketball Wives men, and that would be NBA star Nick Young who has rekindled his relationship with wife Keonna Green. Elena and Keonna met at Evelyn’s 70’s theme birthday party and the two seemed to hit it off. They have a lot in common, Nick, but it seems like so does everyone else.

Keonna decided to meet up with Elena for lunch since they clicked so well at Evelyn’s party why not get to know each other? Keonna thought this could be a great lunch, getting to know this woman until she dropped a bomb on her and now Keonna is not feeling this basketball THOT. Elena claims she has some news for Keonna and she wanted to be the one to tell her and to get it out the way immediately. You can respect a hoe who will tell you verses having to find out in the streets.

Elena reveals that she and Nick used to text each other, now if that’s all they did, that was nothing to tell. Keonna doesn’t believe her but she did ask when did the two begin texting? She informs Keonna sometime last year, while she was pregnant with his son. Keonna then asked if they had sex, Elena says “no,” but Keonna would be a fool to believe that, she knows Nick and how he thinks. Keonna took offense to Elena, here she is thinking they would be good friends as they get to know each other but to have this THOT tell her this mess about Nick rubbed her the wrong way. Keonna thinks Elena is a thirsty hoe and she didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

Elena claims she used to be a model, they have all been models let them tell it. She has been the source of gossip for many years due to her scandalous past with NBA players. She hasn’t been with an athlete since 2013, so how was she able to join the show? This show shouldn’t be called Basketball Wives, only one is married and that’s whacky a$$ Jackie. Elena is just 29 years old and single, these girls better watch they men because she seems like the type to get it where she fits in.

I can’t see her interacting with these ladies once they find out her past and the conversation she had with Keonna. Now, Keonna seems a tad bit timid but I think it was the cameras they may have made her nervous. But, if you come for her, she will come for you, hood girl walking.