BBWLA Jennifer Williams Is Back!!

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Basketball Wives LA is allegedly bringing an original member back to the hit reality show. Jennifer Williams has signed a contract to return back to the hit reality show and apparently she has already begun filming. Though, its been a few episodes that have already aired, why did Jen change her mind to return back to the show? Maybe Shaunie is paying her a whole lotta coins, back then it appeared as if Jen was afraid of Evelyn, today I don’t think she is.

Evelyn and Jen were like frick and frack, they were so tight, if one coughed, the other one sneezed, that’s how tight they were. Unfortunately, their friendship came to an end over a radio interview that Jen was apart of. The DJ asked her about Evelyn’s ex-husband Chad Ochocinco, she spoke her truth, she didn’t say anything bad about Evelyn, it was more so about Chad. But, when Evelyn heard the interview she went overboard and confronted Jen with the interview. Evelyn was and still is a drama queen and she took that radio interview it to another place and went hard in the paint on Jen.

Once Evelyn explained her position and why she was so angry about the interview, she felt by Jen being her BFF, she should have informed her about the interview. Jen believed she did nothing wrong and I don’t see what she did or said about Chad that was so horrific that they would end their relationship over a man who cares less than two f$cks about Jen or Evelyn. By Jen being her BFF, she didn’t think it was appropriate for Jen to say negative things about her soon to be husband on the radio or anywhere. They seemed to have worked out their differences but that was farther from the truth. Jen was going through a nasty divorce and I think she just didn’t want to be bothered with Evelyn and Chad.

Evelyn was getting married and Jen was getting a divorce, you would have thought these two could have been each others support system but that wasn’t the case. Evelyn kept saying Jen has new friends, like she was jealous or something but she probably did have single friends, but her BFF Evelyn was getting married and that was too much for her to take at that moment. Jen just didn’t want to be around Evelyn and Chad. But look at Evelyn now, she and Chad are divorced after he head butted her, so was Jen off base when she did that interview and spoke her truth?

Evelyn allegedly doesn’t want Jen on the show, why would she not want her on a show they started together? Is it because she’ll look stupid in Jen’s face when she tried to warn her about Chad? And Evelyn is in another non-committed relationship and has a son and she still isn’t married, who is the joke on Jen or Evelyn.

Well, its too bad, the producers of the show wanted Jen back, they want drama between Evelyn and Jen and what better way to create drama? Jen isn’t the same woman she was years ago, she has opened her eyes and experienced things she probably would have never experienced if she had stay on the show with Evelyn. I am looking forward to them seeing work together very soon. Evelyn tried to push hard not to have Jen back on the show but Evelyn was the one who said she would never return back to Basketball Wives and look at her now? Back on the damn show?

How will Jen interact with whacky Jackie, Malaysia and Brandy? I’m not sure but that is worth waiting for.