BBWLA Jen & Evelyn Back 2gether

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Basketball Wives LA, Jen returns to the hit reality show and she never looked better. She seems stress free, happy and enjoying life, sometimes you have to let the people who are you around you all the time go because they can be toxic. Jen needed to walk away from Evelyn and now she’s a better person for making that move.

The fallout between Jen and Evelyn was due to Evelyn hooking up with the NFL football player Chad Ochocinco and then she married him really quick, Jen believed Evelyn was moving too fast with the playboy and when she did a radio interview she briefly discussed her reasons for not liking Chad. But, that was a decision that Evelyn had to make on her own and as we all saw, the marriage was doomed from the beginning.

Evelyn and Jen’s friendship was real, they were best friends on and off tv but in 2010, after four seasons their relationship was destroyed. I used to love how they had each other’s back and they were ride or die for each other until a man walked into the picture. Shaunie worked her magic and was able to get the ladies to just talk out their issues. Evelyn apologized to Jen and I must say that is a first for Evelyn, she really missed her friend and Jen missed Evelyn. Five years is much too long for these ladies not to speak but Evelyn acknowledged the horrible way she treated Jen and the loss of her mom. Evelyn began tearing up and it was due to her not being there for her friend when her mom died, her tears were real. Jen definitely appreciates Evelyn’s apology, her empathy and her kind words as she admits that her divorce and her own personal life was part of the reason the relationship failed. Their friendship was real before the cameras and the two become emotional about how far they’ve come.

The dynamic duo are back, Jen and Evelyn had the best relationship on reality tv and it was good to see them apologize and make up but I have to wonder if they were real or were they just doing the apology thing for tv? We’ll see, the truth will reveal itself sooner than later.