BBWLA Jackie’s Daughter Takari Lee!!

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Basketball Wives LA returned with a few bombs exploding. The fans and the viewers anticipated the showdown between Tami and Evelyn but we were kind of shocked when there seemed to be an issue with Evelyn and Whacky Jackie.

To our surprise, Jackie finds out that Evelyn paid for her oldest daughter Takari Lee’s medical bills for her son when he was injured in a daycare incident last year. Takari and Jackie don’t have the best mother and daughter relationship, so when Takari’s son was burned, she didn’t reach out to Jackie, she created a go-fund me account. And allegedly Jackie never reached out to her daughter regarding her grandson and that’s why the go-fund me account was created.

Evelyn saw the go-fund account, noticed it was Jackie Christie’s daughter and immediately paid the entire amount. When Whacky Jackie found out that Evelyn’s involved herself in her families business, she was pissed. So why did it take the premiere of Basketball Wives for Jackie to address Evelyn if she really had an issue with her paying off her daughters go-fund me account?

Jackie loves controversy, she knows good and well that she does not have a good relationship with her daughter Takari and she created the go-fund account because she wasn’t receiving any money from her mother. Jackie didn’t offer her daughter any money to help with her grandson’s medical care but here she is running around town with daughter Chantel who is expecting her 1st child and wanting to pay for everything. How does that make Takari feel and look? Takari has always said her mother wasn’t partial to her because she didn’t have the skin color that Chanel has and she has proven that logic to be true.

Jackie denies those allegations but she can deny all she wants, her actions speaks louder than words. Takari checked that a$$ her mother about Monday night’s premierer, she exposed it all. She said her mother never asked her about her son and/or how he was doing. How can she get mad at Evelyn for helping her daughter when she didn’t? She’s mad because Evelyn did and she didn’t, Jackie is whack as f$ck, she only wanted beef with Evelyn because Tami had beef with her.

When Jackie approached Evelyn about the go-fund me account, it was funny to watch her as she back pedaled away from Evelyn. Not only did social media go off on her whacky a$$ but so did Takari. Jackie needs to stop faking the funk and being real, that whackiness is played out, we know she wants nothing to do with her oldest daughter and her prizes are Chantel, Dougie & Doug Sr.

#JackieChristie’s daughter #TakariLee got a lot off her chest after the #BasketballWivesLA premiere #Check out some comments made by fans#

Jackie: “if my daughter needed help she could’ve called me” Ev: “so why didn’t she call you then???” #BasketballWives

Jackie: There’s so many people you can help. Evelyn: *Helps her daughter*Jackie: No not her #BasketBallWives #BBWLA

Go Fund Me is public . How is she sticking her nose in your families business?? Girl bye . #BasketballWives

Jackie says she’s been taking care of her daughter for 27 years…… #BasketballWives

What’s wrong with @EvelynLozada giving your daughter $$$? What you should have done is just given her the $$$ back JACKIE #basketballwives

she disown her because she was darkskin now she trynna clean all that up by saying she “cares” #basketballwives