BBWLA Jackie’s Daughter Takari Tells All

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Basketball Wives LA Jackie is being called out by her oldest daughter Takari Lee. What I don’t understand about Jackie, she needs to tend to her family and stop getting in other peoples business, that’s her problem, take care of home first.

Mother and daughter are still going at on social media to the poi that Jackie made an Instagram page under another name going off on Takari allegedly. What mother does that, Jackie needs to see a therapist and she needs to quit drinking alcohol because it affect her brain and that is not a good look.

Evelyn doesn’t care for whacky Jackie at all, she is allegedly going to expose Jackie with the help of her daughter, Takari. Now, Evelyn is going to far, this is a family issue, not a revenge issue and I get that Evelyn is still angry about Jackie calling her daughter a build whore but two wrongs don’t make it right.

Takari is currently preparing to release a tell all titled “Lights To Her Shadow” and in it, she’s exposing her mom for not only allegedly mistreating her because of her dark skin tone but for alleged criminal behavior.

Takari’s tell all book which will focus on her childhood and how her mother treated her. She says her mother is a scammer and she’s messy as HELL and her behavior carries onto the show. Takari took to Instagram to post parts of her book detailing her mother and other family members hustled to make money and put food on the table by allegedly stealing from department stores and then returning what they stole back to the department store to get a refund.

“My mother, grandmother, and aunts would drive to the area malls and take stolen goods back to department stores,” she wrote. “It was the family hustle and just like the drug game they ran it like a well-oiled machine. They did this day in and day out like it was a 9 to 5 job.”

Takari acknowledges Doug by saying, “Although, I haven’t spoken to you in years, I have never faulted you or felt you did wrong by be or my siblings. You are and always have been a stand-up man.” She adds, “While all of our lives are changing, I hope you know I love you and will always consider you family, no matter what my future holds.”

When Jackie called her out after Evelyn donated money to her GoFundMe to help her severely burned son after her mother allegedly didn’t help her financially and never asked about her grandson. But I bet your bottom dollar that Jackie is helping Chantel and making sure they have everything they need. And that’s why Takari feels the way she does, her mom has always catered to Chantel and like Takari said, she wasn’t light enough, Jackie also fat shamed her daughter as a child and those words affect Takari today. She feels abandoned by her mom and that’s sad.

Jackie really needs to acknowledge her daughters pain and hurt instead of going back and forth with her on social media. She needs to hear Takari express her issues with her instead of running from the situation. I hope things work out for Takari and I pray her tell all book becomes a best seller.

  • Marla Summers

    Jackie is a lonely old annoying messy coward who pretends she wants to fight! She is a non-factoring nasty ville gutter snipe! VH1 get rid of her !