BBWLA Jackie VS Evelyn

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Basketball Wives LA, the beef between Jackie and Evelyn has definitely taken a turn for the worse. On the episode that aired this past Monday, we witness Evelyn buying a pink stun gun in case Jackie gets out of line with her in Miami.

Shaunie suggested that a select few of the ladies are invited on this mini Miami vacation. The first couple of seasons were from Miami so for these ladies to go back to the city where it all started, they are pumped except for Evelyn and Jackie. Evelyn wants nothing to do with Jackie but Jackie low key wants to strangle Evelyn necks and throw her to the sharks. So the ladies that are traveling to the sun and the beach are Shaunie, Jen, Evelyn, Tami, Jackie, Hazel and Malaysia. Now that was surprising, Shaunie asked Malaysia to join them in Miami and it was like Shaunie asked Princess Diana but of course she said yes. Shaunie claims Jackie needs someone on her side because she will feel left out and thinking that everybody is having a ponderosa without her.

Okay so where is Bonnie Jill, probably scared, Cristen, probably couldn’t afford to travel, Aja, she probably didn’t have a babysitter and Saniy’yah? Maybe the OG’s just wanted their vacation to be chill without the turn up queen Saniyah’yah, but how is that humanly possible with whack a$$ Jackie Christie?

Jackie is seething over Evelyn and her daughter Takari who wrote a tell-tell book about her life with Jackie being the main character. Jackie doesn’t understand why Evelyn continues to communicate with Takari. Takari is a grown a$$ woman and she wants to talk sh$t about her mom and Evelyn is the perfect one. Takari sent Evelyn a few pages of her book so it looks like Evelyn and Takari may have a semi sort of friendship because of her son’s situation that Evelyn helped out and allegedly, Jackie didn’t.

Hazel invited her girl, to meet up with them at the hotel in Miami and she just happens to be the wife of former NFL player Michael Vick, Kijafa Frink. Kijafa seems real down to earth and we can also see that she will call a b$tch out. She clicked with the ladies and asked if they wanted to go on a yacht cruise the following day? The only person complaining is that drama queen a$$ whacky Jackie.

Next week, when Shaunie and Evelyn arrive on the yacht, Jackie chooses to remove herself from the ladies and Jackie can’t sit still, enjoy or relax on the yacht because of Evelyn and her daughter Takari. Jackie has made her bed, she now has to lie in it. Jackie hates that all of her lies, fakeness and phoniness is about to be revealed in her daughter’s book.