BBWLA Jackie On Raq’a Rants

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Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie is full of sh$t, that’s why she is wearing sunglasses during her interview, looking into her eyes, you can see her lies plain and simple.

Her daughter Chantel is the person who brought up the dark skin/light skin on the show when she met with Laura Govan in the 1st couple years of the show. Jackie never owns her sh$t, she needs her job on the show but I think Shaunie may really be done with her. Whacky Jackie showed her a$$ and she has lost many fans, we have seen Jackie at her worse but this season, she really crossed a line especially when she called Evelyn’s daughter a build a whore.

Jackie has the gift to gab and the ability to drink liquor as if nothing ever happened. Her daughter Takari wrote her book about her experience with her mom, that’s her truth and for Jackie to just diminish what her daughter says shows us how she is delusional she really is and she needs to quit drinking, it has affected her brain and not in a good way.

Evelyn shouldn’t have continued tweeting Takari after she received the money from Jackie but I think Jackie’s several backstabbing ways just got to her. Two wrongs don’t make a right, Jackie called Evelyn a b$tch in front of her daughter and the build a whore comment was wrong as f$ck. Evelyn never went that low but she did ask for her $3500 back from Jackie. That was funny but I believe she was just being sarcastic.

Jackie does make the show, without her, I can’t see Basketball Wives being a ratings sensation but I guess we will have to wait and see how the reunion plays out.