BBWLA Jackie Christie Claps Back

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Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie decides to clap back at her eldest daughter Takari Lee. However, I think its a day late and a dollar short, she could have nipped this in the bud from day one but whacky Jackie loves drama and craves attention.

She says she will not allow her “name or character to be assassinated” anymore. Jackie is really upset with her daughter because of her tell tell book but she was more upset and embarrassed by her daughters GoFundMe page for her child who suffered severe burns at his day care. This last season mainly focused on Jackie, her daughter Takari and Evelyn who donated the money needed for her son’s medical bills. Now if Jackie was really taking care of her daughter and helping with her son’s medical bills, she wouldn’t have needed to set up a GoFundMe page. Jackie is a big liar and if she didn’t want this story to come out, she should have handled it before the season aired.

So naturally, the drama queen took to Instagram to pull out text messages between her and TaKari that indicate the two have been in touch and they have a better relationship than what is being portrayed on the show and in the media.

A text, allegedly from TaKari accompanies the image, says, “It was a fiasco to get the pics lol…Their aunt is sending me the finals.”

Jackie responded with a series of emoji hearts and the like, writing, “Love you guys to Life!!!!”

TaKari responded, “We love you too!!! I’m going to have their done…”

Jackie’s post on Instagram:

“Prayed on it and decided I can’t sit back quiet taking the high road and allow my name & character to be assassinated and be wrongly accused… this ain’t my thang… ✨but folks are being tricked & that’s not right ~ I stand in purity honesty & love I’m a open book always have been, just ask me💜 my family has and always will be my world. ♠️ photo is of Derek Ta’Kari’s kids father and their sons, Text was kari & myself January 2017′ & for the record this is the Kari I know & love.”

In regards to those texts, we have no idea when they were sent, Takari’s son doesn’t have a burn mark on his face, so whenever that conversation took place is irrelevant. Takari has now wrote a tell tell book, but we are aware that there are always three sides to every story. Jackie’s story is full of lies and bull sh$t and if that’s how she wants to continue living her life being someone that she’s not, so be it!!