BBWLA Its A Wrap!! Evelyn & Carl

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Basketball Wives LA allegedly Evelyn Lozada and former Professional Baseball Player Carl Crawford have reportedly call it quits. Now we aren’t new to hearing rumors about this couple allegedly breaking up, these same rumors surfaced last year as well.

However, the couple were supposed to get married sometime after their son was born and thus far, their hasn’t been a wedding. It makes you wonder if that was the reason Evelyn tried so hard to have this second baby the millionaire. But I digress, Evelyn has been through the NBA, NFL and now a former baseball player, what’s next, a professional hockey player?

According to a reliable source close to the couple, the two allegedly broke things off a few months ago and Evelyn has kept her break up on the low. Allegedly several sources are saying that the two have been living separate lives for almost a year but they have always lived separately anyway. He never seemed committed to Evelyn when it appeared she was committed to his money and having as many babies as she could with him.

Carl, who rarely ever posts anything on social media took a family trip without Evelyn and decided to post pics, which is weird. Evelyn has been hanging out with her daughter Shanice and Carl Jr. I guess she’s moving on, I really hope this means she’s going to stop torturing herself and her body to get pregnant because it looks like Carl is gone. If he hasn’t married her now, he will never marry her.

Word on the street, Carl was very apprehensive about marrying the gold digger especially when he realized “forever” Evelyn could get half his money if marriage didn’t work out and we know Evelyn, that’s why she was trying so bad to get pregnant. The couple got engaged back in December of 2013 and there were rumors that circulated last year saying that Carl’s teammates’ wives were calling Evelyn a “gold digger”. But they were gold diggers too, they just locked their men up quickly, Evelyn is no different. However, Evelyn’s past could have something to do with why Carl allegedly refused to sign prenup papers.

In June 2016, Carl was cut from his position with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Word on the street, Carl was really feeling himself, heck he is a millionaire, with that being said, he allegedly transformed into a playboy and he went on several dates and flew other women into his home. He is living the life but why allow the life to interfere with his profession? That’s stupid but whatever the case, it doesn’t look like there will be a wedding.