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BBWLA Evelyn Lozada!! Where Is Carl?



“Basketball Wives” reality star and hoe, Evelyn Lozada has returned back to the hit reality show where the drama and the lies explode. We all know that Evelyn has been in more relationships than the average woman to find the perfect man for her. At her age, she knows there is no perfect man, what Evelyn loves more than anything are her his coins and her coins.

Evelyn met Chad Ohocinco on Twitter, they got together and next thing we knew, they were in a relationship. She did marry Chad, rather quickly I might add, their wedding was documented in Miami.

Though Evelyn and Chad were dating, their marriage couldn’t last more than forty-one days, she saw dollars sign when she met Chad. The marriage didn’t last at all, she filed a divorce from Chad after he head butt her. Chad was arrested for domestic violence, the fight occurred due to condoms Evelyn found in the trunk of their car. She is the same woman who told Chad that if he stepped outside their relationship, just shoot her a text so she won’t be blindsided if the news or the blogs see him out with another woman. See, that’s why her marriage didn’t last, you don’t give your man or husband a hall pass.

Evelyn surprised the world when she revealed her pregnancy in November 2013, she kept her relationship with Carl Crawford a secret even after she revealed her pregnancy. Could it be that she was creeping with Carl on the low while with Chad or could it be that Carl was already in a relationship with a woman and that was the reason for the secret?

Carl Crawford’s family seems to despise Evelyn and they aren’t happy with her at all, allegedly. Reliable sources close to Carl says their family had been trying to get Carl to stop seeing her due to her track record with men, his family calls her the Black Widow!! Damn, for her boyfriends family calling her the black widow, has to ting a tad bit but that title fits her well.

Word is, Evelyn was the reason her ex NBA boyfriend Antoine Walker went broke after his one-hundred million dollar salary, sources are also saying that she ruined Chad’s career and now Carl has been let go from the LA Dodgers, I hope he still has his money because Evelyn is going to make sure she spends all that she can. They were supposed to get married December 2014 but that didn’t happen because of a pre-nup!

Reliable sources are saying that Evelyn is hungry for money, ya think, of course she wants the money. She doesn’t have a career, its a good thing she was friends with Shaunie O’neal who got her a job on Basketball Wives.

Carl’s family insist that if Evelyn never walked into his life, they believe he would still be playing baseball. She continues to press him into having another baby, with another baby, he would have to marry her and/or she would be set for life! Baseball was and is his life, now that it is over, that really shocks me that he was fired but his family is blaming Evelyn.

Allegedly, Evelyn was dating Birdman right before she and Carl began dating, another secret she kept hidden very well. I knew she was going to f$ck Birdman when he wanted to publish her book. Evelyn definitely uses her goods to get what she wants from a man. When she got with Carl, she dropped Birdman like a bad habit but that’s her track record, everything has to benefit her.

Evelyn gave birth to her second child by Carl in 2014 and she named her son, Carl Leo Crawford. After giving birth to Leo, Evelyn decided to have another baby, she was already too old for her son, why is she trying to have another child? She has a beautiful daughter Shaniece who is 23 years old, but Evelyn needs to keep Carl so that she will never have to work another day in her life. Unfortunately, Evelyn suffered a miscarriage twice in less than a year and that should tell her to stop trying to have another baby because it doesn’t look like its going to happen.

Amy Freeman, is the mother of Carl Crawford’s two other children and they had a pretty rocky relationship along with a horrific custody battle. Carl and Amy have a 10-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, that’s real close to Evelyn’s son who is 14 months old. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall, Carl was f$cking Amy and Evelyn at the same damn time. By Evelyn being a hoe, I see that it didn’t matter to her that Carl’s child’s mother Amy had a baby right after she gave birth. Hoe’s of a feather, flock together.

Evelyn is back for the 6th season of Basketball Wives but don’t expect to see a her family, especially Carl but we’re used to that from her other boring reality show. Evelyn talks about her beef with Tami Roman and Jackie Christie. She claims the beef with Jackie is because Evelyn donated money to Jackie’s daughters Takari Lee’s go-fund-me account after her grandson was badly burned at his daycare. Tami is mad that Evelyn spoke negatively about her in the blogs and she slept with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson. Evelyn felt ganged up on and she wasn’t comfortable filming and she says she wanted to quit, bull sh$t, she’s not married to Carl Crawford, she needs that job, without Basketball Wives, she would be in trouble but not for long, she would find another man with money.

I don’t like Evelyn, I don’t like what she stands for and she seems selfish to me. Will she marry her baller boo who isn’t playing ball anymore? We will just have to wait and see.

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Black Ink Crew Young Bae



Black Ink Crew, the hood came out of Young Bae on the last episode of the hit reality show and Sky is partly responsible. Her ratchet and hood behavior really needs to stop, she’s too extra and she seems like she is running Black Ink and not Ceaser.

But again, I digress, the Black Ink crew loves to throw parties but this time it was for a good cause. Young Bae hadn’t been able to get in touch with her mom who stayed in Korea with her dad. She wants to find out what’s going on with her mom because her dad was very abusive to her mom and her siblings. She left Korea at age 16 with $80 in her pocket and came to America, so she’s had it rough but look at her now. Kitty suggested they throw a costume party and the proceeds will go to her so that she can fly to Korea and check on her mom.

With all Black Ink parties, their is a fight waiting to happen and this party was no different. It went all the way left in 2.5 seconds with Bae beating a b$tch a$$. Sky decides to hire a new manager for 113 without Ceaser’s okay or his permission. She wants to get her ratchet a$$ back down to Atlanta,so she hired the first thing smoking without even checking her art work or her resume. HELL she could have hired me if that’s all it took but back to the story, during the costume party Sky arrives with the new manager whose name is Tatiana, she never introduced her as the manager, she just brought her in and this chick took over like nobody’s business.

Sky wanted Tatiana to fit right in with the shop but that’s only because she had her own motive, getting back down to the dirty south. Tatiana supposedly has a lot of experience managing tattoo shops, Sky loved her personality and she felt this chick would fit right in. Wrong move, she was way too aggressive, approaching Donna and Bae about tatting people to make money when she didn’t even know the reason for the costume person nor did they know who she was and why was she in the shop barking orders. She said something smart and Bae tapped that a$$ along with Donna and Jadah. Once the fight ended, Sky sat looking like humpty damn dumpty, Ceaser needs to wake the HELL up before Sky’s destroys Black Ink’s reputation.

Sky brings Tatiana back to the shop to apologize to Bae and the rest of the crew but mostly Bae. Young Bae didn’t owe this girl any explanation at all, she came in her face way too aggressive, however after she apologized Bae explained her situation, she understood why Bae jumped her, she explained to the crew that she was there to clear the air and to have fun and make dope tattoos. She then decides she’s going judge Bae and Alex’s tats giving them compliments but with Donna, she wasn’t impressed but real talk, know is ever impressed with Donna’s tats. Tatiana won’t last another week if she continues with that piss poor attitude.

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Little Women ATL Recap



Little Women Atlanta recap!! These ladies are small but they are very feisty, I guess being small and having to deal with their height or their weight, it makes them defensive which is understandable. However, by them being small, you would think they would all stick together and support each other but I guess jealousy and envy comes in all shapes and sizes.

Monie decided she wanted to surprise her husband Morlin for his 37th birthday by learning to dance sexy in lingerie. When she said she had to left feet, she wasn’t lying. It was funny watching her try and learn those dance moves, maybe she’ll be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Tanya is having issues with trying to take care of her three children since her c-section and she needs more help. My issue with Tanya, why is she having babies so close in age and by different baby daddies? One of children’s father is living with her while going to school. He is doing the best he can to support her and another man’s baby, they aren’t together allegedly but he was there for when she gave birth to her third child and the father who is the child’s parent was nowhere around. So she decides to send her two toddlers to Washington D.C. with Vaughn one of her children’s father until she can heal from her c-section. Nico arrives at the house, the other baby daddy and she tells him that Jaidan and Luna are leaving and going to Washington, D.C. for three weeks. It’s not like he really cares, he’s never around and he doesn’t give her much money anyway for his children. I wouldn’t have told him anything, he knew she needed help but he wasn’t there for her but again, she continues to keep these babies and now its too much for her. I hope she got her tubes tide, she has two many babies for an average sized woman.

I don’t like that damn Minnie, she is as fake as f$ck and a liar. All of a sudden, she wants to be a radio personality when she’s a hairstylists. She needs to figure out what she wants to do with her life for real. Every week its something with Minnie, she wants too lose weight, she wants to run a marathon, she lied about being pregnant and now a radio personality? She needs and craves so much attention that it makes her an ugly small person from the outside. Her veins are showing and the twins really need to slowly back away from her, she’s too damn toxic.

Monie’s surprise birthday party for Morlin, she wanted everyone to wear white, they all looked really nice. Everyone was having a good time until Sam approached Minnie about her bad attitude towards her, but Monie was able to prevent anything from going crazy. This was Morlin’s night and she was ready to perform her sexy dance for him. Monie came out in her sexy lingerie and heels and did the damn thang. Oh they got it on that night, he was in heaven and so were his friends, it was cute though.

After Monie performed, here comes Minnie wanting attention for herself when this was Morlin and Monie’s time. But, I digress, she announces that she got a new job, with Karlous and Chico Bean on their Podcast 85 South as a Podcast personality. The look on Juicy’s face said it all and I can’t blame Juicy, Minnie is always up to something. Even though Juicy is small and thick, you never hear her complain about her size, her weight, the way she looks, she’s always happy and she tries to be supportive. Yes, Juicy is messy as HELL, but her job is a radio personality. Minnie will never rise to Juicy’s level.

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