BBWLA Cristen VS Aja & Jackie

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Basketball Wives LA, it looks like the newbies are taking over this season with their drama. The Metoyer sister are definitely working their way into securing a permanent spot on the hit reality show.

On the last episode, Cristen’s feelings were really hurt and she felt ambushed by the ladies in Palm Springs when Evelyn dropped a bomb on her that she wanted to get her a make over. She felt betrayed by Evelyn because she confided in her about her miscarriage and as well can see, she is still carrying that baby weight. Well, the make over didn’t go as planned, Cristen wasn’t feeling the stylist and she was just over the make over.

On the next Basketball Wives, Aja meets up with her friend Saniy’yah, the stylist who was brought to Palm Springs for the make over and she tells Aja what happened with regards to her sister Cristen and the make over. Saniy’yah explains that her sister was offended and embarrassed by the makeover and began to tear up about her baby weight from her miscarriage that hasn’t fallen as of yet and she felt incredibly insecure. As soon as Cristen’s name comes up, Aja spills the tea about her own sister.

“If you’re crying about your weight, stop eating Cheetos,” Aja says, “Yes, Cristen is my sister but my mom and Cristen’s mom legit hate each other. You think we’re gonna like each other?”

Evelyn became emotional about Cristen’s reaction of the make over and the shade Saniya’ya was throwing at Cristen and how she stills feels insecure with her baby weight being an issue when she just had a miscarriage, Aja goes in on her sister, claiming that Cristen is lying about the miscarriage. “That’s what we call it? Losing babies? Okay, aborting a baby. She’s so manipulative, it makes me sick.”

Damn, is Aja just throwing her sister under the bus about her miscarriage or as she claims an abortion? Its obvious Aja and Cristen don’t get along, but by that being her sister, even if that is true, she shouldn’t have revealed on her personal situation national television. It makes me question Aja’s motives and why she disclosed her sisters personal business, I’m looking at her sideways, which I already was, Aja isn’t married to a baller, she had a baby with NBA star Dwyane Wade and that’s why she is on the show.

Aja was the break piece of NBA star Dwyane Wade when he and the gorgeous actress Gabrielle Union were on a break. News of her pregnancy hit every news source possible along with the blogs and media outlets. Apparently Aja and Dwyane Wade hooked up he claims one time and she ended up pregnant. Did the NBA baller use a condom? Obviously not and she knew exactly what she was doing and that is why I question her motive when it comes to her sister Cristen. Aja has a son named Xavier with the baller, who was born in November of 2013.

Jackie has involved herself in this sister rivalry just like she did with Gloria and Laura Govan. She is sticking her nose in Cristen and Aja’s business by repeating what Saniya’yah told her about Aja and Cristen. Yes, Saniya’yah and Jackie met for lunch, her new BFF and she divulged the info to Jackie about Cristen not having an abortion but a miscarriage.

Of course, Jackie couldn’t wait to spill the tea to Tami about the abortion and what Aja told Saniy’yah. Tami was shocked, she and Evelyn meet with Cristen and they reveal what Jackie told them and Cristen is pissed. She denies the abortion and continues to stick with the miscarriage story but she is angry with Jackie and her sister. We can definitely expect things are going to get very heated with Jackie, Cristen and Aja. When asked Aja for a word to describe Cristen, “liar”–but then she says “No, wait–super liar.”

Things are going to heat the fan and whacky Jackie is all up in the mess.