BBWLA-Brandi & Malaysia Are Back!!

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Basketball Wives LA is returning for their fifth season of the hit reality show, they finished airing back in October of last year. Shaunie O’Neal is back in a situation when it comes to Brandi Maxiel, she can’t have too much pull as the executive producer of the show she created if she can’t get rid of Brandi. If it’s her show and she wants Brandi gone, Brandi should be gone but obviously, she doesn’t have that much pull.

A few months ago, rumors hit the net and we were told that Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman, Jackie Christie and Shaunie O’Neal would be returning for the next season of the hit reality show. Why is Evelyn returning when she has her own reality show? Could it be that her reality show wasn’t popular? It was very boring, Evelyn can’t carry a reality show by herself even if her daughter is on the show with her.

It looks like VH1 has switched everything up, it’s rumored that Angel Love and Angel Brinks were let go due to budget cuts but I really don’t believe that. Now, they could have kept Angel Love, she brought a little something to the show, Angel Brinks brought nothing to the show, we are glad she is gone. I’m pretty sure the budgets cuts probably have something to do with Evelyn and how much money she will get by returning. I would rather see kept Angel Love back and not Brandi. I’m just tired of her nasty attitude but if Shaunie doesn’t have an issue or the pull, who are we?

As far as DJ Duffey is concerned, it’s rumored that the producers and Duffey came to a decision together to part ways after that horrible ending last season five. Yeah right, she got fired and she needed too, she was disrespectful as a whole to everyone on the show. DJ Duffey came in and tried too hard, I didn’t care for her day 1 she appeared on the show. She was doing too much and when she fought Tami that was it for me but the way she disrespected Tami and her daughter Jaz, she needed to go. Trust and believe she won’t be missed.

Shaunie and Tami have publicly stated and confirmed that DJ Duffey would not be returning for another season and we would love to thank the both of them.

Why Shaunie can’t get rid of Brandi is very suspicious to me and I am going to find out!! We deal with whacky a$$ Jackie every season but we know where Jackie is coming from, that Brandi and that Evelyn, I’m definitely not feeling it. A few months back Tami said she was beefing with Evelyn and didn’t even know it.

Tami and Evelyn have a rocky relationship, we don’t know if they are friends today and enemies tomorrow. However, I do know that Evelyn don’t want none of Tami Roman and I believe that’s one of the main reasons she left Basketball Wives LA in the first place. But whatever happens, will happen and I’m looking forward to the new season not so much Evelyn or Brandi!!