Basketball Wives Suzie Ketcham!

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Basketball Wives Miami Suzie Ketcham was an original cast member on VH1 hit reality show, she’s also real estate agent in the California area. Suzie is the ex-girlfriend and baby mama of NBA player Michael Olowokandi.

Suzie amd Michael met at Pepperdine University, where she graduated college and she and Michael were together for ten years and had two kids, but I wonder why these two never married? Its weird to be with someone for 10 years but you never marry that person. Suzie seemed a little dingy when she was on the show, she stirred the pot and it definitely got her in some hot water. It was ultimately the reason she walked away from the show, she isn’t a fighter, she doesn’t fight back, not even with her words. She tries to use humor as a way of not dealing with the truth and that backfires on her and by that time, its too late.

Suzie loves to party and she loves her liquor, she has traveled the world with her children’s father being in the NBA. Suzie is white and Asian but she doesn’t look like she’s half Asian. I just thought she was a dingy white girl form Cali but now that you look at her, you can see some of Asian features but you have to be told what her nationality is. Suzie was was raised in Los Angeles, I see that California glow coming from her.

Suzie is no fool, she was paid $15 million when she separated from ex-boyfriend and children’s father retired NBA player Michael Olowakandi. DAMN, that’s a whole lot of coins, imagine if she was married to him, she would have made out like a bandit. Maybe that’s why they never married but she didn’t do to shabby for a white and Asian girl from Cali.

With the money she made from the hit reality show, “Basketball Wives,” and her real estate career, she has a nice little nest egg. Today Suzie is still being Suzie, she is still a real estate agent, raising her kids and living life. She had to walk away from Basketball Wives, too many altercations with these ladies and she didn’t need money.