Basketball Wives Royce Reed!!

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Basketball Wives Royce Reed appeared on the hit reality show, she has son with NBA baller Dwight Howard. For the last few years, these two have been going back and forth in lawsuits over there son and it looks like they have resolved their issues.

When Royce joined the show, a lot of the other women didn’t like or accept her because she used to be a gymnast, cheerleader, and dancer for professional basketball teams. The ladies felt in their mind, she was competition and all she wanted to do was nab a baller, which she did but they were concerned that she would be interested in their men because she danced for NBA teams. Cheerleaders and NBA players weren’t allowed to date but Royce and Dwight found away to get around that rule and that’s how there son was conceived.

Royce studied Theater Education and Humanities at Florida A&M University. Shortly thereafter she met Dwight Howard and was the girlfriend of one of the best NBA centers for Orlando Magic. The two of them have a son named Braylon, born in 2007 and he is such a cutie. Royce is definitely not a dummy,she founded her own burlesque dance company called Fantashique. She is also an aspiring actress, but I’ve never seen her in any movies, sitcoms or commercials after she left the reality show.

She just released her first book ” College Girls,” which seems interesting, I wonder if this is a book is about her college years. Royce has always been energetic, she’s a fighter, don’t come for her and she won’t come for you. Royce was one of those girls who always had a boyfriend, it seemed like every season of the show, she was in love with a new man. She craved attention but this is a girl who was raised by her dad, so her wanting and needing attention from a man was kind of weird to me because she got that from her dad.

When Royce and Dwight were dating, after she learned that she was pregnant, she found him cheating on her with another Orlando Magic dancer which is the reason the two split. Dwight was out cold but so was that dancer, she knew Royce was pregnant by him, these THOTS are thirsty and they don’t care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. Dwight was ordered to pay her $40K a month in child support. But, Dwight won a defamation case against Royce in 2010, when a Florida judge ruled that she violated a court order forbidding her from mentioning him in the media. That was a dummy move, he was watching her like a hawk.

The one thing I liked about Royce, she spoke her mind, she didn’t allow these women to bully her and she held her own. She walked away from the show because she felt like she should have been making more money than she had. She felt like she did more than Shaunie and she brought up the ratings, but Shaunie was and still is Executive Producer, so I’m not exactly sure how she came to that conclusion but with that said, she decided to walk.

Royce is living her life, just released her book, she and Dwight have decided to work together as parents and not as enemies, things seem to be working well for the tiny spitfire.