Basketball Wives L.A. Finale

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Basketball Wives L.A. Finale……Sundy Carter hit below the belt tonight….her attempt at bringing Malaysia and Brandi together with Jackie didn’t work. Malaysia and Brandi are fed up and Malaysia is more so fed up because she has been through all this with Jackie before. For Sundy to say to Brandi, “I have three healthy kids, go work on trying to get you some,” was foul and ugly. This woman Sundy has no filter and thinks she can say anything to anyone and its supposed to be okay because she said it. No it was wrong, Brandi fought for her life and the cancer really took a toll on her body, but now she is cancer free. She is trying to have a baby and she has to get shots to be able to have this baby. She was wrong, just because she has three children and her last child is by a married basketball player. She has a lot of nerve to say anything about anyone when her skeletons aren’t opened. Brandi was ready to beat that a$$ and give her another black eye, if it wasn’t for Malaysia Brandi would have laid that b$tch out.

Jackie was smirking when Sundy came back in the room and she told Brittish and Jackie what she said. Brittish thought what Sundy said was all the way wrong but on the other hand she said Brandi shouldn’t have called Sundy a whore. Yes she sould have, you call her what she is, but Brittish is the reason Brandi found out what Sundy said because Brandi didn’t hear Sundy saying any of that. Brittish assumed Brandi heard her and she just repeated what Sundy said, I’m not sure if she tried to do that but it happened and Brandi went buck wild trying to get at Sundy. But again thank you for Malaysia because she prevented Brandi from trying to kill Sundy. Malaysia is a real friend to her, if that would have been Jackie she would have allowed a fight to happen.

Brittish was surprised, she received a knock at the door and two boxes were delivered to her. She didn’t know who it was from, but she kind of thought it was from her fiance’ Lorenzo, a pair of shoes, a white pant suit and white hat. She was to get dressed in teh outfit and with her friends meet at a roof top in Paris where Lorenzo was waiting and he definitely surprised her with that romantic marriage.

Malaysia met with Jackie one last time to say good-bye and good riddance. She can’t take Jackie’s bull sh$t anymore, her lies, her manipulation and her evil a$$. I’m glad Malaysia said what she had to say and ended it with Jackie. When Jackie entered the room to meet with Malaysia she thought they were going to patch things up but her face was cracked when Malaysia told her its a wrap. Jackie is a master manipulator and she is way too old to be acting the way she acts. She is supposed to be the elder basketball wife with knowledge and experience that these

young women can learn from. They need to take a page out of Malaysia’s book, she is classy, beautiful, smart and loyal. Damn Jackie go find yourself so you can be happy and take your whore a$$ friend Sundy with you.