Baller Wives VH1!!

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Here is VH1 with a new reality show entitled, “Baller Wives.” When my mind goes to Baller Wives, it doesn’t immediately take you to football wives because ET already tried that and it didn’t work and then you have Basketball Wives which is still a hit but then you research and find out the new show is about football players and their wives, baby mothers and or significant others, just what we need, more drama.

However, I love my ratchet TV so I’m good interfering in other people’s lives. So this new show is being filmed in Miami, one of the hottest and sexiest cities ever, I’m so glad I don’t live their nor does my husband but my single dad does. But I digress, Baller Wives will follow the lives of Miami’s sexiest, hottest and well known personalities, and the drama that follows that lifestyle.

The show will follow pro athletes and their wives as they deal with family, love, drama, rumors, cheating, business and balling in an industry where relationships are already complicated and the competition is heavy and envious. This world we live in today is not about support but more about what can you do for me or what have you done for me lately? Its a scary scary world and social media definitely makes its worse.

Kijafa and her pro-quarterback husband Michael Vick have been married since 2012 and have two beautiful daughters and a new baby on the way. We all remember Michael Vick’s story, the only pro black athlete that went to prison for dog fighting when they weren’t even his dogs. But again, I digress, maybe this is something he wanted to do but by judging wifey, she is supposed to be the Queen Bee of these ladies and knows everyone’s secrets. The Vicks are also executive producers of this reality show which makes me think, she came up with this show idea and hubby is riding with her.

Stacey and Chris Chambers, a retired wide receiver for Miami, are also on the show, married and wifey is pregnant with their second child. Word on the street, Stacey and Michael Vick’s wife, Kijafa are in some sort of battle with each other and these ladies have already decided who they were riding with, so either they are Team Kijafa or Team Stacey. Wow, the show hasn’t even aired yet and the drama has already begun, so we know this show will be a hit.

Miko Grimes, is the wife of Tampa Bay corner back Brent Grimes, who is restarting her career after recently being let go from her sports radio show. She has a son with husband Brent and they have been married for seven years.

Jeniva is married to two-time champion Asante Samuel, who wants to start a new career as a boxer, so you go from balling to boxer, yeah I would have issues with that if I were his wife. Jeniva thought her years of worrying about her husband’s life was over but she’ll have more to worry about with boxing.

Then you have the danglers or let’s just call them what they are, THOTS, who aren’t married, who lucked up and had babies by ballers, just saying what others won’t say, Crystal is best friends with Stacey and Miko, after a bad break up with her ex, she’s a single mother who is ready to jump into the dating world while being great friends with women who are married. I wouldn’t trust her to save my life.

Then there is former video vixen and model Emmaly who is looking for love in one of the hottest dating cities in the country. She is a single mother of two and co-parents one child with her famous ex. I don’t know, these women sound like trouble, when there is no trouble don’t allow it to fester around you or in your home.

Baller Wives premieres on Monday, August 14th at 10PM ET/PT and since that is my birthday, I will definitely be watching it at somebody’s night club!!