Baller Wives Finale!!

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The first season of Baller Wives has finally ended and we definitely learned a lot from these ladies. Some are bougie, a few are ratchet and some can be lil dingy and confused.

On the season finale Kijafa met up with Stacey attempting to squash their petty beef due to their husbands. Kijafa was hurt that Stacey said something negative about her mom who passed away, Stacey continued to say that she didn’t say anything about her mom, but she did. When Kijafa began crying, the ice queen shed a few tears herself and she even hugged Kijafa but that was short lived. Stacey was fake as f$ck and the minute she saw Miko, she revealed what transpired and both ladies continue to say that Kijafa is jealous and thinks she’s on a higher level than the rest of the ladies.

Kijafa and Michael Vic are the reasons they are on the show, they are both executive producers and I don’t see Kijafa throwing her position around like she’s the baddest b$tch on the show or even the world. Kijafa is calm, cool and collected and that’s what bothers Stacey and Miko. They are just jealous of her and they hate to admit it but I really believe Miko wants to f$ck Kijafa, she keeps her name in her mouth too much, signs of a stalker.

Kelly who is married to former NFL baller Julius Jones was Kijafa and Aja’s friend, when Kelly and Miko hooked up they formed a friendship rather quickly along with Stacey. All of a sudden the three women have become bosom buddies and Kelly wasn’t hanging with Kijafa or Aja anymore once she hooked up with Miko.

Miko really dislikes Kijafa but she dislikes AJ Crowder who is married to former NFL baller Channing Crowder even more, she posted a letter on Instagram after the finale ended last night.

“Yaaaaaaaas Kelly come to the fun side 😝😝💁🏽 @kelly_and_julius @iheartmiko #BallerWives #Weconfident #Classy #StaceyTheStalker #Allergictobitches 💋”

Aja she was a little perplexed as to why Kelly would align herself with Miko and Stacey when she warned Kelly about Miko’s sneaky ways. However, everyone has a right to kick it with whomever they please. Just because Aja and Miko aren’t that cool doesn’t mean that Kelly can’t be friends with Miko as well. Jeniva is friends with Miko but her ride or die is Kijafa, ladies sometimes feel like they own a person and they always want them to pick a side. That’s high school behavior, these are grown women with husbands and children, its really time to start acting the part.

When Miko and Stacey found out that Aja was talking about her through Kelly, she was pissed but Miko is always pissed, she ain’t happy and with that worm of a husband seems like he does nothing to make her happy and now I see why she isn’t happy. But I digress, naturally Miko took her frustrations to Instagram to call out Aja.

“Amnesia” for faking their beef and pretending like they were friends for the cameras. “For the last time…. EYE DONT KNOW AMNESIA‼️She has been BEGGING ME to be her friend for YEARS‼️I never entertained her bc her man talks s*** about me. Does that mean we have beef, NO‼️It simply means WE ARENT FRIENDS‼️OUR KIDS ARENT FRIENDS EITHER‼️”

“I never entertained her bc her man talks shit about me. Does that mean we have beef, NO‼️It simply means WE ARENT FRIENDS‼️OUR KIDS ARENT FRIENDS EITHER‼️I did something HORRIBLE and let these stupid ass producers set me and my son up so now u get to run around saying our kids are friends. THEY WERE NEVER FRIENDS‼️EVER‼️NEITHER WERE WE‼️And even tho your man talked shit about me i STILL didnt have beef with him bc there’s 500 men in radio that feel the same way about me that he does! If i had beef with him i wouldve 🔥FLAMED🔥him already on my radio show, my podcast OR my social media. I told u LAST YEAR if u want me to BEGIN a friendship with u i needed an apology from your man. U said id get it and it NEVER HAPPENED so there will be NO LUNCH DATES, NO PLAY DATES, NOTHING BITCH‼️You are BORING‼️😴You’re a follower‼️ And u always call me “mikoS” Bitch there’s no S in my name!🙄Then your childish ass is telling Kelly she gotta choose! FOR WHAT U FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL MEAN GIRL?‼️Why cant she be friends with the both of us? U guys were afraid she’d get to know me and LIKE ME and she did!!! HA‼️Kelly is a real bitch! She has her own opinions, and she’d NEVER do a show that REJECTED HER THE FIRST TIME BC SHE WAS TOO BORING, then come back with a made up a beef with me to get back on the show! You belong right the fuck where u are! With Kijafa! U need someone to tell your boring ass what to do, how to feel and who to like! #PuppetAssHoe

Miko just proved my point, she almost wrote a book about her and Aja on damn Instagram, she sounds more than pissed. This woman is not happy and I pray next season she gets that wig done, she looked a hot a$$ mess the entire season with that ratchet hair, she needs to be concerned with home and not everyone else. She definitely showed her immaturity and it isn’t cute at all.

“and then she said SHE’S listing a $7.9M house” 😭😭😭Bitch, HOW??? With NO EXPERIENCE!😩I OWN more houses than amnesia has closed on! #FACT‼️#BossBitchShit 💅🏽They shouldve had @therealtorkimk on this show if they wanted a CELEBRITY REALTOR! But since amnesia said “yes” to arguing with me for a story line, 🙄thats probably why they chose her.🤷🏽‍♀️ #FraudingForFame

See, she can’t stop, she’s very bitter, Brent needs to f$ck her one good time, its showing on her face and in her posts. Aja has yet to respond but she doesn’t really need too.