Apollo Running Credit Card Scams In Prison!!

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Allegedly, Apollo Nida, who is estranged from his wife Phaedra Parks, however they did appear together on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Allegedly, the former reality star has been accused of credit cards scams while in a federal prison. If these allegations are true, something ain’t right with Apollo in the head and can’t nobody tell me that Phaedra didn’t know her husband was a little dense in the head. That’s why she was able to control him and their money.

The sh$t hit the fan when Apollo was arrested and charged with identity theft and fraud charged. He was sentenced to eight years in federal prison, I want to say in 2014 after being convicted of bank fraud and identity theft.

Apollo was running scams and it was working for awhile and we know Phaedra was allegedly apart of his scams and or maybe she just covered it up. They are married with two sons, she knew something wasn’t right.

When the Feds learned Apollo created fake companies, which he was able to access databases from across the world. This information was important because that’s how he was able to locate people he could steal from. He has no heart, people work hard for their money and he had no right, he deserves his time and I’m not apologetic about the way I feel. He would open fake bank accounts under those real names and steal Treasury checks and auto loan checks and deposit the checks in several accounts.

Allegedly an inside source claims Apollo was “paying inmates $200 a pop for their credit cards.” How can he teach his sons to grow as respectable and honest men, when he cant. He must love that federal prison, ain’t no way I would allow myself to get in a situation like that while in prison, that could add years on my already 8 year sentence. He may never get out and he won’t be marrying his fake a$$ fiance.’

He is too old to continue to repeat what led him in prison. Did he get dropped on his head as a baby? He can’t be that dumb, but then again, maybe he is.

Word on the street, he allegedly sent the money from the credit cards to an outside account to handle lawyer fees or even purchase fiancée a real engagement ring since her last one was made out toilet paper.

Apollo dumb a$$ could serve an additional 4–5 years on top of his 8-year sentence if convicted of new fraud charges. Damn, his son’s will be almost grown, he is missing out on life and watching his sons grow to men. I really hope these allegations aren’t true, but HELL this is reality tv and anything is possible.