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Amber Rose Getting Sued By Ace Of Diamonds!!



Former stripper Amber Rose buys “Ace Of Diamonds,” a well known strip club. This is the perfect job for her, she would be the boss and this is the world she came from, she knows the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m really shocked the former stripper received the Vanguard Award at the All Def Movie Awards ceremony Wednesday, the “How to Be a Bad B—h” author and that’s where she announced she purchased the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles. Perfect way to let the world know you purchased a strip club during an award ceremony but we are talking about Amber Rose, the girl who makes her own rules.

However, the real owners are shooting down her claim. Allegedly, she hasn’t purchased the strip club formally and the owners decided to file suit against the former stripper and THOT!!

“I was a dancer, I was an exotic dancer, I was stripper for a very long time. Best time of my life, by the way. I had the time of my life,” she said on stage. But do y’all know Ace of Diamonds? Well, I bought it. So this is to every girl out there, every stripper, ya’ll can one day be on stage with Russell Simmons, receiving an award.”

On Friday, the leasing owners filed a lawsuit against Amber, according to creator and owner of the brand Ace of Diamonds, Jason Robinson. The renter of the factory space is reportedly suing Amber because they decided to go in a different direction and move from the previous location of the factory.

The suit is for nearly $1 million, claiming slander because she announced purchasing the brand during her award ceremony and until she was actually purchased the brand, its not hers to talk about. Also in the lawsuit also alleges her comments at the awards were “unequivocally false.” Damn, Amber, I never took her for a fake a hoe, I always took her as being a real hoe and making her own rules but it looks like she’s just like the rest of these lying fake a$$ hoes.

Amber and Ace of Diamonds have a long history, in June, she and Wiz celebrated their divorce at the strip club. Jason Robinson said Amber has been part of the Ace of Diamonds family for nearly two years and her main focus is making sure the women who work for the brand are receiving respect, as well as everything they need to work comfortably.

“Amber is a part of the team and all future plans regarding Ace of diamonds as co-partner,” Jason claims. He explained that the lawsuit has nothing to do with the Ace of Diamonds name and that his brand is working closely with “boss lady” Amber.

“She’s advocating for the women,” he told The News. “She has a great message.” He also adds that Amber plans to eventually take this around the world as she does with her “Slut Walks.”

Jason Robinson is talking loud and saying nothing, how can you file a lawsuit against a person and then turn around and say she has a great message and she is making sure the dancers are being treated right? This is that fake and phony sh$t that works my nerves. Amber is who she is, she revels in things others won’t because it gives her a leg up. She is not my favorite person, telling women its okay to dress like a hoe but a man doesn’t have the right to label the way she dresses but they will no matter how many slut walks she has.

This is not the message I want my daughter to get from her, who cares about her being a former stripper. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to eat, but that doesn’t mean you make stripping your life. She walked away from that environment and now she wants to return as a boss, that’s her choice but how about actually buying the club first before announcing that you did.

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Rags To Riches

Khia Is Talking Recklessly About Toya To Reginae



Khia, one hit wonder is acting like Azealia Banks, they blame others for their failed careers. Khia now wants to go at Toya Wright through her daughter Reginae Carter. Khia always looks so dirty to me, does this trick ever take a bath? Yesterday, Khia went way too far allegedly revealing information to Toya’s daughter Reginae about her family history.

How does Khia know about Toya’s reputation when she has never been a friend to her. Khia seems miserable, her career never took off and lately she has been on social media poking fun with various artists. Now if I was Toya, I would wait for my baby to be born and tap that a$$ or pay somebody to do it for me. She had no business telling Reginae nothing, she knows how to find information on the internet about her mom if she needed to.

After Khia tried to come for Toya, for her pregnancy and refusing to give up her last name, Memphitz, which was her ex-husbands last name, its none of Khia’s business if Toya drops Memphitz as her last name or not, what does broke a$$ Khia have to do with Toya and her pregnancy? We all know when you come for Toya or Lil Wayne, Reginae will clap back so quick, your head will be spinning. Reginae rides for her mom and her dad, she loves them both, so when you come for her parents, she is coming for you.

Khia is dirty, is she mad at Toya because of how she looks, dresses, always get the men with money and she slays every time you see her. Yea if I looked like the creature from the blue lagoon, I would be mad also. Khia is shady as HELL, she made sure to share what she allegedly knew about the father of Toya’s baby on social media. Did Toya do something to her or is she just jealous of her? I’m gonna go with jealous, she needs to get that whack ass hair done and get those teeth fixed before going after somebody.

Toya clapped back at Khia and her daughter Reginae stepped in to clear the air, she’s “19, now” and she can say what she wants and if that’s means riding for her parents, so be it.

“Khia old dirty a*s, worrying about other people all the time,” Toya said on Instagram Live. “Go make you a hit!”

Reginae said, “Let me see. My mother is pregnant right now. She don’t need to be addressing this but let me tell y’all something. I’m 19, now… When was your last hit? ‘My Neck, My Back?'”

Khia needs to sit down somewhere and quit worrying about other people’s lives, she may wanna focus on a career, any career, she’s always been a one hit wonder to me.

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Rags To Riches

The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte Snag Netflix Deal



The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte follows a bunch of side chicks who have relationships with married men, they have children with these men and they are aware these men are married and have families. They are now airing their lives on television without a care in the world.

This raggedy a$$ reality show has actually landed a deal with Netflix, who is really going to watch a bunch of women in relationships with married men? The men have to be just as dumb to have their lives aired on television knowing they have jobs, wives and children. The wives and the children are the ones who will be affected by their behavior, how is that fair? Even the children the married men have with the side chicks will be affected, too many lives will affect too many people but I guess the powers that be will get a check and so will the side chicks, its always about the coins.

But who is really going to watch this mess? I’m surprised to see that Netflix is entertaining this crap but according to several news media outlets, the series has just snagged a Netflix deal. This is huge news for a bunch of ho$s, hopefully these are just rumors.

When the trailer aired last year, we all thought the series was a jokes until the cast went around to do press and the show was exactly getting some buzz. They will do anything for a paycheck, we will definitely keep you informed of the release date. So disappointed in Netflix!

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