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Adiz Bambi vs Erica Dixon



Adiz Bambi Benson also known as Bambi from Basketball Wives L.A.  She popped on the show of Basketball Wives LA as the best friend of Malaysia Pargo whose husband is Jannero Pargo who currently plays for the Charlotte Bobcats.  Bambi made her debut on Basketball Wives L.A. as a hustler who is about her game.  By remaining cute yet lyrically talented enough to keep up with the fellas and make them respect her she has made a name for herself.  Bambi is also an aspring model and actress but her main priority is her rap career; per she is worth $ 300,000, not to shabby for a girl from the hood.

She is the newest member to join the cast of Love & Hip Hop as Lil Scrappy latest love.  Originally from Compton, CA. Bambi is not a reality airhead.  In college she double majored in broadcasting and journalism.  Wow that is amazing because as a viewer and watching her on Basketball Wives LA you didn’t get that impression and that is why you can’t judge a book by its cover. Bambi also played collge basketball, she wasn’t only book smart but she coud handle a basketball and that helped her get through college.  While in college she was required to take an acting class and that’s when she fell in love with all aspects of the entertainment world.  In addition to her reality television career, she has appeared as a video vixen in several music videos for artists like Lil Wayne, Fifty Cent and Jamie Foxx.  Talk about gifted and ambitious we haven’t seen or heard the last of Adiz Bambi Benson.  Bambi may not realize it or not, but her past has made her who she is today and some young teenage girl is going to read about her and that teenager will be influenced by Bambi because the entertainment world is already rough.  You need to have tough skin and we can definitely say that about Bambi.  She is also managing partner in the popular Atlanta strip club; so far Bambi has it going on.

Bambi says she doesn’t need Lil scrappy’s money as you can see she has enough going on.  She says she has been friends with Lil Scrappy for a few years.  She claims she was just there for him but she never slept with him until he made a decision about Shay Johnson and baby mama Erica Dixon.  Thus far, Bambi has yet to meet Erica formally or Shay but she is not worried about them.  Bambi and Lil Scrappy have run into Erica at the clubs in Atanta but nothing jumped off.  Maybe everyone is maturing on the show and getting along not for them but for Emani.  Bambi has met the other woman in Scrappy’s life and that is Momma Dee.  She says Momma Dee is turned up and and she loves her; she doesn’t forsee a problem anytime soon with Momma Dee, but you can never tell.  Momma Dee had a special relationship with Shay Johnson and I believe that saga is not over for Momma Dee.  Bambi claims viewers remembered the episode with her at the cottage with Benzino and she says the reason for the hook up with Benzino was to shake up Lil Scrappy to get his attention.  Along with that, Bambi called the hooking with Benzino “short lived”.

Bambi’s management team is still negotiating her contract for Love & Hip Hop Season 3.  She is a very intelligent woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.  You have to respect her hustle.

She has released Bamlanta Volume 1 the mixtape.  The reviews are quite impressive; this is not a woman you want to cross…not only does she have beauty she also has brains and we can’t forget she is from the hood so she is also street smart.  Watch out for Adiz Bambi Benson, she is nothing to play with.

Erica Dixon is the mother of Lil Scrappy’s daughter 7  year old Emani.  Erica was born in Atlanta, GA  and raised in Hemstead New York by her aunt and uncle who took her in when her mom’s drug addiction prevented her from taking care of her.  Erica is the youngest of nine siblings, among them she has six brothers, who shapped her into the tough head strong woman we see today.  She is 41 years old, she definitely doesn’t look her age.  Per celebritynet.worth she is worth $300,000.  Before joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop she was a bank teller and then her reality television career took off.  VH1 almost didn’t cast her because of her casting tape.  She seems to be a bit boring and VH1 believes in drama therefore, she had to bring it up a notch in order for them to appprove her to be on the show and Lil Scrappy had a lot to do with them casting her.

Erica was in Scrappy’s life before his rap career success and has been there for him over the years when they they were separated.  Erica was even there in court for Scrappy; she has always been the one constant in his life except for Momma Dee.  As a viewer we still don’t really know what the beef is between she and Momma Dee.  We can see that Momma Dee is off her rocker, you don’t pay her any attention and I’m sure they could have worked out a relationship.  Momma Dee wants attention and Scrappy but we gotta love her because everybody has a Momma Dee in the family.

After many roller coaster rides supporting Scrappy and his career endeavors her current aspiration is to find he rown career path.  Currently she is an accredited technician, she plans to continue pursuing her education and advancing in her field while focusing on her personal and emotional growth.

She has gone through major issues with Scrappy, his relationships on Love & Hip Hop with Shay Johnson and herself has affected her trust..  She had to watch her relationship unfold on televison with the entire world and made judgments on her and her relationship.  Now it appears that Srappy has found himself in another relation with model/rapper Bambi.
Erica has spoken out since her break-up with Scrappy she happens to be in a relationship with male model O’shea Russell.  She says they met over Memorial Day weekend and they clicked as friends and then one thing led to another and a relationship bloomed.  Erica says she finds his spirituality attractive as wel las the way he looks physically.  She is not the only one in her home that has been smitten with O’shea.  Yes, he has met Emani and she likes him too which makes her mom extremely happy about that.

Lil Scrappy has vowed he never get back with Erica, he will always care for her as the mother of his child but that’s it.  So far, everyone is acting like adults and no drama between either of the couples. We can’t wait for Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop.  The saga brewing between this relationship is going to come to head and of course, front row seats for the drama that is going to explode.

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LHHH Hazel E Fired



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E has allegedly been fired from the hit reality show. She should be fired with the ignorant comments she posted on social media for the world to see.

Word is, Hazel E’s nonexistent career might be over, can someone enlighten me on what her career actually is? The only thing I see Hazel doing is stirring up sh$t and trying to check people like she gangsta.

Hazel E comments blew up on black twitter, black Instagram and black face book, those media sites were on fire, ready to get at her. Hazel thinks she’s invincible and can say and do whatever she wants without any repercussions, just like Joseline Hernandez and that a$$ got fired too. Of course Mona Scott Young was not happy with those nasty and rude comments Hazel posted, what she said could affect the entire Love and Hip Hop franchise which could have several people without a job.

After Hazel’s comments went viral, Mona posted an anti-bullying message on her Instagram. “People who spew hate, in truth hate themselves” #SpiritDay

#ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords,” she wrote.

Fans are now threatening to boycott the show if Hazel E isn’t kicked to the curve. Allegedly Mona and her staff have so much to take in consideration by firing Hazel E but that’s a no brainer, its time for the fake Nazel E to go. We are tired of seeing her whack a$$ but didn’t she quit a few seasons ago? Why is she back, too show off her switch hitting boyfriend Rose Burgandy?

“If she don’t fire her then #boycott, any other show would have fired her yesterday,” wrote one fan.

“If your [sic] against bullying, I expect Hazel E to be fired,” added another.

Good bye trick, don’t nobody care about her light skin and or her, that switch hitter b/f she has who taking all of her money may be the only one who gives a f$ck and that’s because she may have a few coins, he don’t want her, he wants her money and a man with a huge penis. Nazel E will never be missed if she walks away or gets fired from the hit reality show, just like she wasn’t missed the last time she quit the show. Bye Nazel E!!

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Moniece VS Hazel E For Saying “Dark Butt Monkeys”



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E has finally put her foot in her mouth and a few of her cast members are coming for her. Moniece doesn’t hold her tongue, she has a way of getting to you without using any violence sometimes but she is known for jumping over tables and throwing drinks in a persons face. Sweet and innocent she’s not, don’t let the smooth taste fool you.

Hazel E had some social media beef with comedian Jess Hilarious and she made some ignorant and ugly comments calling Jess, “dark butt monkeys,” she claimed that Jess was hating on her light complexion, her light skin and plastic surgery hasn’t helped her at all. She’s still UGLY and just because her skin is lighter doesn’t make her better looking than Jess or any other woman who has her beautiful skin complexion. Hazel is just mad, with all of that money she put into her plastic surgery, it didn’t help, she still ugly. She also brought the gay and lesbians communities into the fold by wishing death and damnation on homosexuals at the same damn time that she was in this war with Jess on social media about lighter and darker skin.

Naturally, the outspoken spitfire, Moniece Slaughter decided too intervene and this was the perfect excuse for her to get all into Hazel E’s business since the two never liked each other anyway. But I digress, Moniece took to social media and posted the message below:

“And isn’t your alleged best friend miles gay? But you dating a gay black male that’s bashing his kind? Oh ok”

“Didn’t snoozle just host a gay club In D.C. bitch didn’t you used to date women and ain’t you sleepin wit a whole gay male? Oh ok I’m pulling up to her next hosting in la dressed in a gorilla suit and ima pound that ass til you so black it’s irreversible bitch make this bitch wish there was a bleaching cream string enough to reverse the black and blue ima give her.”

Moneice is one of those cast members you don’t like but then sometimes she will surprise you with her clap backs. I’m glad she spoke out, there are too many young girls in the world believing if their skin is too dark, they have no worth and that’s further from the truth. Young black woman of all races and colors should be happy with the skin they were born in and whatever their complexion, they are still beautiful.

Moniece definitely went in on Nazel E calling her just about everything other than a child of God and letting her know that since she she has such a huge issue with darker skin, she’ll beat her so black, she’ll be just as dark as her or anyone else. Moniece in’t just talking sh$t, she is bat sh$t crazy and she will roll up on Nazel E with quickness.

How many young girls has Nazel E hurt with her ignorant comments and how many people has she hurt in the gay and lesbian communities. Sometimes its just better to shut your damn mouth!!

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