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Hi Hater: Savannah Jordan Reminds Joseline Hernandez Of Her Ashy, Nappy Roots
Bish, be humble.

Savannah Jordan clapped back at her estranged (and sometimes deranged) “step” mom after Joseline called her a “nappy head”. The two have been at odds over Savannah’s opinion of her dad Stevie and Joseline’s relationship. Yesterday, Joseline disrespectfully clapped at the teenager on twitter, saying if she can “ditch it”, she can take it.

That young lady is 18. She’s grown enough to ditch it out she will grown who to take it!! I’m done with this conversation. Back to Reality

Joseline’s behavior towards Savannah was unacceptable in his opinion but the Puerto Rican princess seems fine with how everything went down. She understands that Savannah is just a teenager but had to restrain herself from smacking that “nasty wig off of her head.” Things did get crazy, Joseline agrees, but she had to let the Jordan sisters know that they can’t just pop off all scary like that, no matter how old they are. Since their altercation, Stevie’s sister has too dropped Joseline, leaving her with no additional care to help out with Bonnie. She tells Stevie that because of this, she has no choice but to move Bonnie to Miami, but Stevie says, his daughter is staying right in the A.