Rhony Bethenny VS

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The Real Housewives Of New York Bethenny Frankel is allegedly upset that The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Nene Leakes is the highest paid housewife. Now if these are rumors are true, Bravo made that decision and Nene has lot more substance than Bethenney, the fans love Nene and the fans also love how real she is on the hit reality show. Bethenny is argumentative, outspoken but she really doesn’t bring anything to the table. She is quite boring until she dislikes someone and that’s when she begins to make a lot of noise and Nene, Vicki Gundalson and Teresa Guidice are the only three originals, so yes they should be making the big bucks.

Allegedly Bethenny somehow found out how much Nene is getting paid to return to the housewives and she is pissed. Why, damn? She really doesn’t bring anything to the table anyway, she’s lucky Bravo allowed her to return after her busted a$$ talk show. She can never be the highest paid housewife, she can’t talk about her divorce, her ex-husband and we never see her daughter, when you don’t allow the cameras in your life and you pick and choose which parts will be aired, you don’t get the big bucks. Bethenny sit down and be quiet and collect that check.

Allegedly Nene is making $2 million for the upcoming season of the housewives. Bethenny can’t be concerned with how much others are making and she shouldn’t get mad because a housewife is making more. Nene is still married to her husband and whether you like her not, she brings a lot to the show, she allows the cameras to film her entire life, she’s an open book, where Bethenny isn’t.

Nene left the housewives after Season 7 to pursue other career opportunities and she had a heck of a run on a couple of shows, however Bravo wanted her back and were able to entice her with the big coins for Season 10 of the hit reality show. You can’t be mad at Nene, she is a fan favorite and until last season, the ratings continued to decline without Nene.

Filming has already began and is the hit reality show expects Nene to be the major story line on the upcoming season, even with Nene returning, I can’t see how they can top last season. Kim Zolciak is also allegedly returning for Season 10, she wants those huge coins also, she needs them, she has 6 kids now, when the show first aired, she only had 2 daughters, so yes she needs to return whether or not she makes as much as Nene, however she has not confirmed whether or not she will return. She’ll return allegedly if she makes what Nene makes and she was an original and she does bring a lot to the show, definitely more than Bethenny.

If Bethenny wants to make the big bucks, she needs to allow the cameras in her life fully and not pick and choose what she wants the viewers to see.