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Looks like Former Los Angeles Lakers champion and ex-New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was allegedly in a car accident with his girlfriend, ex-Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan, earlier this morning! Thank goodness both were just fine after the vehicle flipped, however Former NBA Champ Derek Fisher was arrested after the accident.

Several news sources and media outlets have confirmed that after the accident, Derek Fisher was arrested by the California Highway Patrol on DUI charges. Damn, he has had a history with drinking and driving but you would think that Gloria, knowing his history would have taken control and driven, maybe she was intoxicated as well, but still she’s been with him enough to know his history. You take precautions when situations like this occur but thank goodness neither was injured.

According to several news reports, the former baller and head coach ventured his vehicle into the right shoulder before hitting a high concrete curb on a guardrail which caused his vehicle to flip on its back and block two lanes on the Freeway in California. That is scary feeling, I can imagine how that felt, when you have been in car accidents, you almost imagine the worst when you have survived what you would call your worst.

Derek Fisher and his now girlfriend Gloria Govan, who was previously married to NBA player Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher’s former teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers have been dating since Oct. 2015. Their relationship hasn’t been very easy, Derek was still married to his then wife when he began creeping on the low low with his reality star girlfriend who has twins sons with ex Matt Barnes.

Derek Fisher, actually played for 18 seasons in the NBA, winning five titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. He also played with the Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks.

He was head coach of the New York Knicks between 2014-16, going 40-96 before being fired in his second season. Messing with a reality star on the low low will get you axed every time….allegedly!!!