Interview with Nyla Lee

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Nya Lee the newest cast member to join the hottest reality show; Love & Hip Hop New York is known as the number one stripper in New York.  With her short cut styled and big hips she has a made a name for herself as a vixen.  She is 21 year old woman with ambitions who has a passion for rappping and writing.

She is currenty working on her mixtape with several big names including Red Cafe’, French Montana and JadaKiss.  Nya gained notoriety from an unfortunate event where some females cut her neck and chest at a club after an altercation.  As a result she named her record label, Ourcutt.

Through all her trials and tribulations Nya Lee wants to be an artits to take off herself without any help from any men.  She is well aware this industry is a male predominated world and some women have had to do things they wished they didn’t have to do just to get a foot in the door.  She plans to change that and wants to build her own brand.  She vows never to depend on a man for financial gain or for her career.  What seperates Nya from other female artists, she owns her record label at age 21 and writes her own music and her short styled hair.  She cut her hair off because she was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast with her siblings and she was ready to go.  Her mom told her she couldn’t get up from the table until her food was all gone, well she jumped from the table to the bathroom and shaved one sid eof her head.  She then proceeded back to the kitchen table where her mom noticed she shaved one side of her head.  Nya decided at that time she may as well shave her entire head; at the time she was rocking braids and it was easy for her just to shave her head.  She says it was a big adjustment getting used to the short style but she received quite a few compliments and decided this was who she was.  She gets a lot of older women staring at her trying to figure out if she is a lesbian or bi-sexual but, she is strictly for the men.  For some resason, she says men love her short hair and she does too.

Her record label Ourctt is her baby she created herself and has the rights to this label. When she was stabbed in her neck and her chest by females in a night club that she didn’t know, she hadn’t realized she had been hurt until she felt blood on her chest.  She was dancing and having a good time when a group of females just stabbed her.  To this day, she has no idea who or why she was cut, however she did turn this negative into a positive by starting her record label.  She could have found out who stabbed her and went in a different direction and she wouldn’t be appearing on Love & Hi Hop.  That takes heart.  Nya Lee is down to earth, real people she didn’t appear to have a star studded attitude at all.  I informed her about my nephew Cam trying rap in this game .  She gave me some good advice for him and she also requested his music which I forwarded to her.  Whether or not she listens; I’m glad I was able to at least get her his music.  She does have her guard up because of what happened prior; a scar she sees everyday.  She doesn’t trust anyone at this point and females have never liked her from day one.  Nya just wants to take over the music game herself.  The female rappers that inspired her, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and right now Nicki Minaj.
Her biggest supporters besides her mom, in this industry is Fabolous and JadaKiss.  That was her opening on Love & Hip Hop New York.  She is excited to be a apart of the reality show, she couldn’t give many details about the show but, claims this season of Love & Hip Hop New York will be the roughest, toughest, raunchiest season ever and the viewers will on their feet.

Nya Lee wouldn’t confirm a realtionship with Fabolous, although they have been seen around New York together; she claims they are just good friends who has helped her immensely in personal life and her career.

I did ask Nya if she had heard of GGURLS our online modeling website and she replied, “Anyone who is dancing or modeling knows about GGURLS.  Everybody wants to be a GGURL.”

Viewers can’t wait for this season of Love & Hip Hop New York.  It promises to bring more drama, new cast members, more fights and more backstabbing.

GGURLS thanks Nya Lee for this incredible interview.  I hope young women read this article and understand you are your own destiny and at 21 years old Nya Lee is already making it.

Twitter: @RealNyaLee
Jeanne’e Michelle