50 Cent Trashes “All Eyez On Me”

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Rapper 50 Cent is disappointed in the Tupac biopic, “All Eyez On Me,” the one thing I don’t like about him, he never gives credit when credit is due. If its not a 50 Cent movie or if he isn’t apart of the movie, he trashes the movie just like he did with Empire.

His show “Power,” is the sh$t, we love the show and the role he plays but he won’t give Empire anything except hate. Power and Empire are two black shows created by talented black artists, we should all be supporting both shows as well as this movie. Just because he didn’t like the movie doesn’t give him the right to trash the movie. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but he just goes over board with his sh$t. But 50 plays the game well, Power is due to come out next week, ain’t nobody dumb, publicity stunt for the upcoming season.

50 Cent is vocal about his opinions as usual, he claims the movie was “some bullshit,” and he actually told people they should watch the movie on the Amazon Fire Stick instead of going to the movies. So can we watch Power on Amazon Fire Stick? Oh he acts like a spoiled little boy who didn’t get his way, such a major turn off.

He wrote on his IG. “I just want you to keep me in mind when you watch that shit. Straight out of Compton was good. That was a bad movie man, 2PAC is suppose to be a classic they they fucked it up. John Singleton said it was wack, I had to see it for my self. Go check it out you gonna be mad as a mother fucker. I want my money back now!!! Some of yal think I’m hating. SMH nah go see it. When you walk out of ther motherfucker like this you gonna learn to listen to me.”

Who gives two f$cks about his opinion, I loved the movie, I learned so much about Tupac and his rise to fame, I don’t know why 50 is so disappointed in this movie, Tupac fans will still go see the movie regardless of what he thinks and they are going to love it just as I do. Allow people to make their own decisions about the movie before trashing it. When he trashed the movie, he trashed the directors, the actors and producers and that’s not right. Now, word on the street, Diddy and Suge Knight approved of the movie and when those two approve of a movie which clearly portrays them, that is a great sign that the movie is a hit.

50 Cent on IG again, “John Singleton said it was wack, I had to see it for myself. Go check it out, you gonna be mad as a mother f-cker. I want my money back now!” Director John Singleton has already been negatively speaking about this movie and that’s because he wanted to direct the movie which he was for a minute. He wasn’t able to secure the rights for any of Tupac’s songs from his mother Afeni Shakur so he stepped down and that’s when director Benny Boom stepped in. John Singleton claims there will be another Tupac movie directed by him.

It’s petty bull sh$t, they are all in competition with each other, the people who really knew Tupac can tell the real story, not a director who never knew the talented rapper.

Tupac is 46 years old, he was shot and killed 25 years ago and we are still talking about him. That just goes to show you the impact he had on everyone’s life, his music is still number one in my eyes.