50 Cent Throws Shade At His Son

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Curtis Jackson or 50 Cent, whatever he wants to be called is so f$cking immature. He’s the adult, he’s the father of his eldest son, why is he publicly throwing shade at his son on social media?

What is he still mad about? I’m so confused by his behavior, he’s such a smart man, a lot of young men could learn a lot from him, including his son Marquise, who is 20 years old and wants a relationship with his famous father.

I’m glad to see that Marquise and or his mom hasn’t tried to clap back, it just shows what an amazing job she has done as a mother raising a son by herself in this generation as well as having a famous father who basically has nothing to do with him. Its funny how Fifty and Marquise look just like twins, he never denies the son he has with Daphne and now he’s on social media congratulating another alleged son, Davian.

So early this afternoon Fifty decided to give props to Davian who is 12 years old and ironically he is starting college which is amazing. There is still a question if Fifty is the father of Davian but I guess it doesn’t matter, he has taken him under his wind while leaving Marquise out in the cold.

Fifty posts on Instagram:

“My other little guy Davian is gifted he is 12, today is his first day at Hunter College. Smart Kid.#50centralbet 4 HOURS AGO”

His slick remark came after he supposedly answered a comment on his Instagram page.

“My other little guy Davian is gifted he is 12, today is his first day at Hunter College. Smh Smart Kid.”

So then the person who commented asks Fifty? “How much kids you got?” And this is wide drugs ain’t for everybody!!

Of course 50 answers:

“Just 2 because I have no relationship with [Shaniqua’s] son.”

That is just sad and it truly breaks my heart that he could deny his seed but accept his other children without hesitation.