2015 Whack A$$ Reality Star Couples!!

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Pretty Status has gathered a list of whack a$$ reality star couples, they will do anything to make a buck!!

Tara-Peter-Amina–Love and Hip Hop New York—This show gets dumb and dumber. I don’t who is the biggest dummy out of all three, but Amina is stupid for still being married to Peter and she claims to be pregnant by him now, they have a daughter and now she is pregnant again. Tara has two sons by Peter and she has been with him for 13 years and she is still sleeping with him knowing he is married. TARA, Peter didn’t marry you and he is broke, WTF….They get the crown for being the dummies of 2015!!

Vicki and Brooks–The Real Housewives Of Orange County–Brooks lied about having cancer and Vicki went along with his lie because she didn’t want to look stupid in front of her friends or the viewers. Brooks used her to no end and she went on with the lie to protect herself but it back fired, just sad!!

Charmaine–Don–Ashley–Black Ink Crew Chicago–Charmaine dumb a$$ f$cks Don at the tattoo shop but Don has a girlfriend and a baby mama. Ashley finds out and Don denies f$cking Charmaine making her look stupid, he finally tells the truth about f$cking her and now he and Ashley are engaged.

Diamond Strawberry–Rich Dollaz–Jhonni Blaze–Love and Hip Hop New York–Diamond f$cks Rich in the bathroom of a bar and thinks they are exclusive but at the same time, he is f$cking Jhonni Blaze who falls in love with Rich but he’s not into her because she doesn’t know how to carry herself. Rich didn’t want any of these women, he just wanted to f$ck them!!

Mimi–Nikko–Margeaux–Love and Hip Hop Atlanta–Mimi dumb a$$ allows Nikko to use her and get paid off her andhe just happens to be married to Margeaux.

Kylie–Tyga–Blac Chyna–Kylie is in love with Tyga, they are still together but he leaves his baby mama Blac Chyna to pursue Kylie who was 16 years old when he began chopping her down. This couple is a hott a$$ mess!!

Masika–Berg–Hazel E–Love and Hip Hop Hollywood–Masika takes Berg from Hazel E and they were friends but Berg claims he was never in a real relationship with Hazel and he began to dog her as he fell for Masika. Too bad he was let go from the show for hitting Masika and she didn’t return either. Masika claims to be pregnant by rapper Fetty Wap which he denies.

Nia–Soulja Boy–Nas–Love and Hip Hop Hollywood–Nas was the new girl on the show for the season and she claimed she and Soulja Boy were in a relationship. Soulja denies the relationship but admits to f$cking her, Nas and Nia were good friends until she got with Soulja behind her back. Nia and Soulja are still together and he claims he doesn’t mess with Nas anymore.

Yorma–DJ Self–Cardi B–Love and Hip Hop New York–All newcomers to the hit reality show. Yorma is in a relationship with DJ Self who is also kicking it with wild a$$ Cardi B. DJ Self know he is out of order, Cardi B ain’t no joke and when the two ladies met up, a fight ensued between the two right in front of DJ Self.

KD–Joc–Sina–Love and Hip Hop New York–Joc is a mess, still f$cking baby mama Sina as well as licking chocolate off her toes while living with his girlfriend KD. Joc and KD are back together, I mean they were, Joc has many baby mama’s and many kids, leopards don’t change their spots.

America our list of whack a$$ reality star couples, do you agree??