2015 Flawless Female Reality Stars!!

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Pretty Status has gathered a list of female reality stars who are flawless in everything they do.

Porsha Williams–The Real Housewives Of Atlanta–Porsha may be a tad bit dingy but she is one beautiful chica, don’t think you can get one over on her, she ain’t that dingy!!

Yandy Smith–Love and Hip Hop New York–Not only is Yandy gorgeous, she has a brain and she carries herself like a woman in charge should!

Tammy Rivera–Love and Hip Hop Atlanta–Tammy is a beautiful woman who has her own business, she is making a name for herself as well as being a wife to Wacka Flaka and a mother to her daughter.

Rasheeda Frost–Love and Hip Hop Atlanta–Rasheeda is one beautiful woman who is about her business. She keeps it real and that’s why she is so so successful in all that she does while being a wife and a mother.

Marlo Hampton–The Real Housewives Of Atlanta–Marlo is definitely a character but she is a hustler and she is gorgeous. She has it going on, she seems like the type of woman I would hang out with because she is soo funny!!

Amina Buddafly–Love and Hip Hop New York–Amina may be dumb as a box of rocks but she is beautiful and she is a talented singer.

Malaysia Pargo–Basketball Wives LA–Malaysia is on gorgeous chica, she always remains humble and as she went through her divorce, she remained as strong as she can be and she is now making a name for herself with her baby jewelry and her bedding line. She definitely ain’t no dummy!!

Brandi Maxiel–Basketball Wives LA–Brandi is a cancer survivor and just by looking at her, you can’t tell. She is a beautiful woman who stayed strong while she fought the disease. She continued her role as a wife and mother and she never let her illness get into her way.

Princess Love–Love and Hip Hop Hollywood–Princess may be a little bit hood but you can’t deny her beauty. She owns her sh$t and I have to respect her for that.

Shaniece Hairston–Living Lozada–Shaniece is making her way through the modeling industry, she has the looks and the body, such a pretty girl.